• First-team all county bowler four consecutive years.
  • State champion and Dade County Bowler of the Year in 2003.

Robert had a spectacular four-year run as the best bowler in Dade County from 2000 to 2004. He was all County first team for 4 straight years and he was the first state champion in Florida.  His average over the 4 years ranged from 250 to 270.

In Robert’s senior year – the Florida High School Activities Association sanctioned bowling for the first time. Robert proceeded to become the first state champion.

The final match of the state tournament was the exclamation point to his amazing career. Robert had open frames in his first three frames of the championship. That means he had neither a strike or a spare.  At that point his chances of winning were almost zero.

Robert preceeded to bowl 10 consecutive strikes to win the state championship by 3 pins.

Robert earned a degree in Criminal Justice from FIU and also has a masters in public administration.  Today, Robert is a law enforcement ranger at big bypress reserve  and he still bowls with an average score of 242.