• Won 2 District Championships
  • First Columbus Wrestler to win Regional Championship
  • First Team All-County for 3 Years

Ricardo Mejia will tell you that he never intended to become a sports legend at Columbus High.  Afterall, he came to the school as a 95-pound freshman.

He will tell you that he had a terrible inferiority complex and it was made even worse when the school’s wrestling coach saw him walking in the hall and told him – Quote – “we could use a pip squeak like you on the wrestling team.”

Well, Rick Mejia went from pip squeak to the winningest wrestler in the school’s history.   By the time he left Columbus in 1981, weighing all of 114 pounds, Rick had won two district championships, a GMAC championship, and was the first wrestler in Columbus’ history to win a regional championship.  In his junior year, Rick finished third at the state tournament helping Columbus finish third as a team.

For three consecutive years, Rick was selected first team all-County by both the Miami Herald and the Miami News.

Rick went on to college at Tulane University and spent five years working in biomedical engineering.  He then went on to medical school and today is a renowned surgeon of dermatology living in Jupiter with his wife and one son.