• First-team all-Dade in Baseball and Football
  • The “Goose Egg” defense
  • Won the school’s first national championship

Julio never played football until his sophomore year at Columbus.  That year, he started his first JV game, made a ferocious tackle on the goal line that caused a fumble and was immediately brought up to the varsity where he became a three-year starter.

His best season was the fall of 1979 …..  He was not the biggest player at Columbus …. He was barely 6-1 and weighed just a shade over 200 pounds but no one was faster nor more intense. He played a season of baseball at Miami-Dade North and was so successful that he was selected to play on the United States team in the Pan American games.

But after one more year of baseball, Julio decided to return to football.  He walked on at the University of Miami and became a three-year starter and a corner piece of the team that won the school’s first national championship ….

Julio was Miami’s team captain as a senior and eventually – with encouragement from Jimmy Johnson – received his degree is Business Administration in 1990.

Julio played three seasons of professional football …. Bouncing between the NFL and the Canadian Football League. Today he lives in Sarasota where he is an adviser on retirement planning.   He has two children.