• State champion in the mile run as a senior and first team all-county.
  • Selected CCHS Athlete of the Year in 1979.
  • Won a track scholarship to the University of Michigan.

John Hammontree coached track and field at Columbus for 17 years In all, he has coached the sport for 46 years . He is in the Hall of Fame in his profession.

Those credentials give him the foundation to make credible and meaningful the answer to this question:

Who is the greatest high school track and field performer you have ever coached?

His answer – John Cull.

John Hammontree followed up his answer with this:  “John was the best ever because he hated to lose.”

Indeed, John Cull didn’t lose very often …..

He was a powerful runner who specialized in the one-mile run but could run the 440 and 880 with equal dominance.  At the 1979 Florida Relays, he ran the mile in a school record 4 minutes and 11 seconds.  Later that spring, he won the state championship in the mile.  He was first team all-county in track both in 1978 and 1979.

John also ran cross country where he finished in the Top 10 in the state both his junior and senior years. He was named the school Athlete of the Year in 1979.

John was awarded a track scholarship to the University of Michigan where he ran the mile, half mile and ran cross-country.

Today, John and his wife live outside Atlanta.