• Played professionally in Japan and in the Major Leagues for four years.
  • Was on the Florida Marlins opening day roster in their inaugural season.
  • Works as a baseball analyst for ESPN

The most popular American baseball player to play in Japan is Orestes Destrade.  Interestingly, his coaches at Columbus will tell you that Orestes had a much better professional career than he did a high school career.

He was good here, but he was great in Japan. Orestes was a 4-time all-star in Japan.  He played there for five seasons, winning two Japan World Series championships.

He was the home run leader in Japan for three consecutive years and, in 1995, became the highest paid player in the league.

He returned to the United States to play for the Florida Marlins in their inaugural season, 1993.  That season, he hit 20 home runs and drove in 86 runs.  His last season in the major leagues was 1994.

Orestes has become a prolific TV personality.  Today, you can see him on ESPN as a baseball analyst.

His resides in Brentwood, Tennessee with his wife.  He has four children.