• Three-year Starter in CF
  • County-record 11 Homeruns as a Junior
  • Played at Creighton University

Eddie Blanco broke the Dade County record for most home runs. Eddie hit 12 home runs. He also hit .457 with 57 RBI …..   I was reminded by Eddie’s coach, Jim Hendry, that the bats used back in Eddie’s junior year — that was 1982 – were not the technological marvels that high school players use today.  These were hard metal bats. Of course, that didn’t make a difference for Eddie. His sweet swing and natural power made the difference. He was named first team All-Dade and first team All-State.

Eddie’s father passed away just 5 days before the start of the season, and the loss effected Eddie’s play. He was still good enough to hit .391 with 5 home runs and 44 RBI and he was named second team all-dade.

Eddie took his persistence and his work ethic to Creighton University where he received a baseball scholarship. Both Eddie and his college coach – who was Jim Hendry – will tell you Eddie had a good college career. But it wasn’t great, But Jim Hendry was quick to point out to me that Eddie had a higher purpose at Creighton, he used baseball as a spring board to get him into dental school at Creighton.

Eddie has been a practicing dentist in Miami since 1993. He and his wife K-J, who he met in dental school – have two daughters, Bridget and Tiffany.